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    Team trip to Baxie Garden

    The National Day has just passed, The atmosphere of autumn is getting stronger,and Just at this time ,Jiangsu Biogood's export team set up the team trip. The destination of this team trip is the Baxie Garden.
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    Pyraclostrobin--highly selective and safe fungicide

    As a commonly used fungicide of methoxyacrylic acid, pyraclostrobin has been widely concerned. This is because it has a wide range of bactericidal spectrum, many target pathogens, strong immunity, improving crop resistance, promoting crop growth, anti-aging and other characteristics.
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    Difenoconazole---Protector of fruit trees

    DifenoconazoleDifenoconazole is a fungicide with high safety, high efficiency, broad-spectrum, low toxicity and low dosage, which has preventive, therapeutic and protective effects and systemicity. It is widely used in fruit trees, vegetables, cereal crops, horticultural crops, etc., to prevent and
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    Thiamethoxam 30% SC

    BIOGOOD PRODUCT:Thiamethoxam 30% SCThiamethoxam is a novel second-generation nicotine efficient and low toxicity insecticide with a novel structure. It has systemic activity.Mode of action: Stomach toxicity, Contact killingTarget pests: Rice planthopper, Aphids, Thrips, Leafhopper, etc.
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    5% Oligosaccharins AS

    Select pure biological agents as raw materials for enzymatic hydrolysis to improve crop stress resistance, prevent diseases, and increase production. Effectively solve the problems of wheat yellow mosaic virus disease, sheath blight, and difficulty in returning to youth, etc.
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    Lufenuron&chlorfenapyr--best partner

    At present, the two most popular insecticides are lufenuron and chlorfenapyr.LufenuronLufenuron is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, low-toxicity insecticide that inhibits insect molting. It is mainly gastric toxicity, and has certain contact killing effects. It has no endocrine properties, but ha
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