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At present, the two most popular insecticides are lufenuron and chlorfenapyr.


Lufenuron is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, low-toxicity insecticide that inhibits insect molting. It is mainly gastric toxicity, and has certain contact killing effects. It has no endocrine properties, but has a good ovicidal effect. Lufenuron has a particularly good effect on young larvae. After the insects eat the plants sprayed with the pesticide, they stop feeding for 2 hours, and enter the peak dead insect period in 2-3 days.


Lufenuron has a slow efficacy and a long lasting effect, and is safe for a variety of natural enemies.



Chlorfenapyr has a certain effect on eggs. It is recommended that spraying at the peak of spawning and hatching of pests or the peak of egg hatching can play a good control effect.


Chlorfenapyr has good local conductivity in plants, and the same effect can be obtained on the underside of leaves fed by pests.

The control effect is 90-100% within 1-3 days after the treatment, and the efficacy can still be stabilized at 90% within 15 days after the treatment. The recommended dosage per mu is 30-40 ml, and the interval is 15-20 days.

Special attention should be paid to the use of chlorfenapyr:

1) Sensitive to crops such as watermelon, zucchini, bitter gourd, muskmelon, cantaloupe, wax gourd, pumpkin, hanging gourd and loofah. Young leaves are not recommended for use. 

2) Avoid using drugs during high temperature, flowering and seedling stages;
The difference between chlorfenapyr and lufenuron

1. Insecticide method
Lufenuron has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, no systemic absorption, and strong ovicidal effect;

Chlorfenapyr has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, and has a certain systemic effect;

The addition of a penetrant/extender (such as silicone) to the application will greatly improve the killing effect.
2. Insecticide spectrum

Lufenuron is mainly used to control leaf rollers, diamondback moths, cabbage caterpillars, beet armyworms, Spodoptera litura and whitefly, thrips, rust ticks and other pests, especially in the control of rice leaf rollers.

Chlorfenapyr has excellent control effect on borer, sucking and chewing pests and mites, especially against Plutella xylostella, Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera litura, leaf roller, Liriomyza sativa, and pod The effect of borers, thrips, red spiders, etc. is remarkable;



Therefore, the extensive comparison according to the insecticidal spectrum is: chlorfenapyr > lufenuron > indoxacarb
3. Dead insect speed

Lufenuron, after the pests come into contact with the pesticide and eat the leaves with the pesticide, the mouth will be anesthetized within 2 hours, and the feeding will be stopped, thereby stopping the damage to the crops, and the peak of dead insects will be reached in 3-5 days;

Chlorfenapyr,1 hour after spraying, the pest activity becomes weak, spots appear, the color changes, the activity stops, coma, paralysis, and eventually death, reaching the peak of dead insects within 24 hours;
Therefore, according to the insecticidal speed, the comparison is: chlorfenapyr > lufenuron

4. Duration
Lufenuron has a strong ovicidal effect, and the insect control time is relatively long, up to 25 days;

Chlorfenapyr does not kill eggs, but only has outstanding control effect on older insects, and the insect control time is about 7--10 days;Lufenuron>Chronfenac

5. Leaf retention rate

The ultimate goal of pest control is to prevent pests from harming crops. As for the speed or slowness of pest death, the rate of leaf protection is the final indicator to measure the value of the product.


Compared with the control effect of rice leaf roller, the leaf preservation rate of lufenuron can reach more than 90%, and that of chlorfenapyr can reach about 65%.


Therefore, according to the leaf preservation rate, the comparison is: lufenuron > chlorfenapyr.
6. Security

Lufenuron has no phytotoxic reaction so far, and at the same time, the medicament will not cause piercing-sucking pests to become rampant again, and has a mild effect on adult beneficial insects and predatory spiders;

Chlorfenapyr is sensitive to cruciferous vegetables and melon crops, and it is easy to cause phytotoxicity when used at high temperature or in high doses;

So their combination is a perfect mix

Toxicity: Low toxicity

Spectrum of action and suggested uses:






Rice stem borer,Leaf   roller




Spodoptera litura,Leaf   miner,Thrips, Rust   tick, Swallowtail, Looper




Diamondback moth,Cabbage   worm,Spodoptera litura,Thrips,Liriomyza,Frugiperda,Maize borer,Beanstalk   borer




Features and benefits:

1.This product has a   significant insecticidal effect against the highly resistant golden leaf   roller, chilopoda, citrus rust tick, diamondback moth, etc.

2.Has strong stomach   poisoning and contact killing effect, quickly kills insects

3.Super strong systemic   osmotic effect, significant effect on leaf rollers and heartworms

4. kills insects and eggs,   effective 24 hours after the test, lasting for more than 20 days



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