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Trifloxystrobin 25%+Tebuconazole 50% WDG

Feantures and benefits
  1. Both protective and therapeutic effects, also with strong permeability, layer migration and internal absorption conductivity.

  2. Wide using, high activity, prevent and control major fungal diseases of many crops, especially brown spot, rust,powdery mildew, white rot .

  3. Long validity: not easily develop resistance, resist rain erosion, valid for 20 days.

  4. Regulates calcium balance: promote calcium absorption, reduce the occurrence of umbilical rot, prevent bitter pox disease, black spot disease, Promote the use of Nitrogen.

  5. Super health care:  keep crops fresh, leaves hypertrophy, extend the harvest, significantly improve crop yield and quality.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage
Rice Rice   sheath blight,Rice false smut 150-225   g/ha
Rice blast 225-300   g/ha
Wheat Rhizoctonia   cerealis,Puccinia striiformis west,Head scab 75-150   g/ha
Cucumbers, watermelons, peppers Powdery   mildew,Anthrax, 75-150   g/ha
Tomatoes, potatoes Brown   spot, Leaf spot, Early blight 75-150   g/ha
Grape Anthrax,Powdery   mildew, Grape white rot 1:5000-1:6000
fruit tree Anthrax,   Leaf spot,Black heart, Scab 1:6000
Usage: When   preparing the liquid, inject a small amount of water into the sprayer, and   then add the recommended dosage.Stir the solution thoroughly to dissolve it,   and then add enough water.According to the size of crops, the recommended   amount per hectare.Vegetables add water 675-900L; rice add water 675L, spray   evenly on the leaves.When foliar spraying is carried out in the early stage   of the disease, it is recommended to spray every 7-10 days. In order to   control rice false smut and blast, pesticides were used once at the end of   booting stage and full heading stage respectively. When the disease is   serious, high dose is recommended.Do not apply on windy days or if it rains   within 1 hour.


Rice false smut

白粉病Powdery mildew

Powdery   mildew

稻瘟病Rice Blast

Rice blast

纹枯病Sheath blight

sheath blight