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Thiamethoxam 25% WDG/ Thiamethoxam 30% SC

Feantures and benefits

The effective ingredient of this product is thiazosin, which is a novel low toxic nicotine insecticide, which has the functions of stomach toxicity and contact killing. After application, it can be absorbed by root or leaf of crop rapidly and transmitted to all parts of the plant, which has better control effect on aphids, rice planthopper, white planthopper and thrips.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses
Crop Target Dosage(g/ha) Method
Rice Rice   planthopper 300-450g Spray
Wheat Aphid 300-450g Spray
Corn Planthopper,   Thrips 300-450g Spray
Cotton Aphid,   Thrips 195-390g Spray
Green onion, Onion, Chinese chives Anthomyiidae,   Thrips 375-450g/15kg   water Pour   the root or Flush
Winter jujube, Grape Mirid 2000-3000   times liquid Spray
Vegetables Aphid,   Whitefly 1500-2000   times liquid Spray
Apple, Peach Aphid 2500-3000   times liquid Spray
Pear Pear-leaf   sucker 2500-3000   times liquid Spray

蓟马 Thrip


蚜虫 Aphid


稻飞虱Rice planthopper

Rice   planthopper