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Tebuconazole 430g/L SC

Feantures and benefits
  1. This product is a triazole type strong systemic fungicide with protective, therapeutic and eradicating effects.

  2. Three times research and development, smaller particle size, good suspension performance, higher absorption and utilization ratio.

  3. 98% high-purity technical material, higher safety, better effect, no irritation to fruit surface.

  4. Imported inert ingredients have good adhesion and long lasting effect .

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage usage
Rice Rice false smut,Sheath blight,rice blast 270-330   g/ha spray
Wheat Powdery   mildewFusarium head blight ,Rust,Sheath blight 150-300   g/ha spray
peanut Leaf   spot 1:2000-1:3000 spray
Apple Alternaria   mali,ring rot 1:3000-1:5000 spray
Pear Venturia   inaequalis,Anthracnose 1:3000-1:5000 spray
Grape Anthracnose,white rot 1:3000-1:5000 spray

稻瘟病Rice blast

Rice blast


Rice false smut

纹枯病Sheath blight

Sheath blight