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Nitenpyram 60% WP

Feantures and benefits
  1. This product is the second generation of nicotinimide insecticide, with excellent internal absorption and penetration effect, broad insecticidal spectrum and safety.

  2. Super high content, quick effect, quick knockdown, no dead corner in controlling pests and long effective period.

  3. Three times fine grinding, easy to absorb, preferred additives, higher efficacy. It has special effect on thrips and planthopper with resistance.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses
Crop Target Dosage(g/ha) Method
Rice Rice   planthopper 60-120g Spray
Wheat Aphid 150g Spray
Cotton Aphid 150g Spray
Apple, Peach Tenebrio   molitor, Aphid 5000-6000   times liquid Spray
Celey Aphid 2000-3000   times liquid Spray
Melons, Solanaceous vegetables Thrips,   Aphid 300-500   times liquid Spray
Flowers & Plants Thrips,   Aphid 2000-3000   times liquid Spray
Jujube, Grape Mirid 2000-3000   times liquid Spray

稻飞虱Rice planthopper

Rice   planthopper

蚜虫 Aphid


蓟马 Thrip