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Emamectin Benzoate 5.7% WDG

Feantures and benefits
  1. This product has the dual effects of contact killing and stomach poison. The insects stop feeding within 4-6 hours after contact, irreversible paralysis occurs within 6-12 hours, and reach the peak of death within 24-36 hours.

  2. High tower granulation, dry suspension process, disintegration per second, smaller particle size, higher absorption and utilization rate, strong killing ability to target pests, high efficiency and safety to crops.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage(g/ha) Method
Rice Rice leaf roller,   Asiaticrice borer 300-450g Spray
Corn Stem borer,Oriental   armyworm,Fall armyworm 300-450g Spray
Peanut,Cotton Beet   armyworm,Spodoptera litura,Cotton bollworm 300-450g Spray
Fruit trees Leaf roller, Leaf   miner, fruit borer, Slug caterpillar moth 2000-3000 times   liquid Spray
Vegetables,   Fruits Beet   armyworm,Spodoptera litura,Cabbage butterfly 1500-2000 times   liquid Spray
Tobacco Tobacco budworm 1500-2000 times   liquid Spray



稻纵卷叶螟Rice leaf roller

Rice leaf roller

潜叶蛾 Leafminer

Leaf   miner