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Emamectin-benzoate 2%+Chlorfenapyr 10% SC

High co-toxicity index and quick killing effect. It takes effect in 1 hour and reaches the peak of death after 12 hours

It has the advantages of contact killing, stomach poison, penetration and internal absorption. It is highly effective against insect pests, diamond back moth, cabbage caterpillar and thrips.

High precision technical pesticide, safety and reliability, high activity, less dosage, strong killing performance and outstanding effect.
Feantures and benefits

Introducing our revolutionary Emamectin-benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Emamectin, a potent pesticide formulation designed to tackle a wide range of pest infestations with unparalleled efficacy. This powerful solution combines the potent insecticidal properties of Emamectin-benzoate and Chlorfenapyr to provide a comprehensive and long-lasting pest control solution for your agricultural or household needs.

Emamectin-benzoate is a highly effective insecticide that targets a wide range of pests, including caterpillars, leaf miners, and other chewing insects. It works by disrupting the nervous system of the pests, leading to paralysis and eventual death. With a concentration of 2% in our formulation, Emamectin-benzoate ensures rapid and effective control of pest populations, protecting your crops or plants from damage and ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Complementing the action of Emamectin-benzoate is Chlorfenapyr, a powerful insecticide and acaricide that targets a broad spectrum of pests, including mites, thrips, and beetles. With a concentration of 10% in our formulation, Chlorfenapyr provides a dual mode of action by disrupting the pests' cellular respiration and metabolism, leading to their rapid demise. This synergistic combination of Emamectin-benzoate and Chlorfenapyr ensures comprehensive pest control and prevents the development of resistance in pest populations.

Our Emamectin-benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Emamectin formulation is easy to use and can be applied through various methods, including foliar spray, drenching, or soil application. It is quickly absorbed by the plants, providing systemic protection against pests and ensuring thorough coverage of the target area. With its excellent residual activity, our formulation offers long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent re-applications and saving you time and effort in pest management.

Whether you are a commercial farmer looking to protect your crops from devastating pest infestations or a home gardener striving for a lush and pest-free garden, our Emamectin-benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Emamectin is the ideal solution for your pest control needs. Its broad spectrum of activity, high efficacy, and long-lasting protection make it a valuable tool in your pest management arsenal.

In addition to its exceptional pest control properties, our Emamectin-benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Emamectin formulation is formulated with the highest quality ingredients and adheres to stringent quality control standards. It is safe for use in a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and more, and has been rigorously tested to ensure its safety for humans, animals, and the environment.

In conclusion, our Emamectin-benzoate 2% + Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Emamectin is a powerful and versatile pest control solution that delivers superior performance, ease of use, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to pesky pests and protect your plants with confidence using our innovative formulation. Try it today and experience the difference in pest control excellence!

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage Method
Rice Rice   leaf roller, Thrips 500-700   times liquid Spray
Corn, Peanut, Soybean Borer,   Oriental armyworm, Fall armyworm 750-1000   times liquid Spray
Leaf vegetables, Melons, Solanaceous fruit vegetables Leaves   moth, Cabbage caterpillar, Diamond   back moth, Thrips 750-1000   times liquid Spray
Ginger, Borer,   Thrips 500-750   times liquid Spray
Green onion
Fruit trees in the North (apple, pear jujube, etc.) Tortricid   moths, Heart worm, Fruit borer 1500-2000   times liquid Spray
Fruit trees in the south (citrus, mango, etc.) Moth,   Geometer, Noctuid 1500-2000   times liquid Spray

蓟马 Thrip


稻纵卷叶螟Rice leaf roller

Rice leaf roller