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Dimethomorph WDG 80%

Feantures and benefits:

This product is a systemic fungicide, has a high bactericidal power against oomycetes fungi.

Its action is characterized by destroying the formation of cell wall membrane, has an effect on all stages of the life cycle of oomycetes, especially sensitive to the formation of sporangium and oosporium, which is inhibited at very low concentration.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses
Crop Target Dosage usage
cucumber downy   mildew 300-450   g/ha spray 
Grape downy   mildew 300-450   g/ha spray 
Potato late   blight 225-300   g/ha spray 
Chili downy   mildew 225-300   g/ha spray 
tobacco downy   mildew/ black shank  225-300   g/ha spray 
Bitter   melon downy   mildew 225-300   g/ha spray 
Tomato downy   mildew/late blight 1:2000-1:3000 spray 
Litchi downy   mildew/Blight 1:3000-1:5000 spray 
Brassicaceous   vegetable downy   mildew/Blight 1:2000-1:3000 spray 

霜霉病Downy mildew

Downy   mildew

晚疫病late blight

Late blight