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Bifenazate 30%+Etoxazole 15% SC

Feantures and benefits

1.This product is compounded by bifenhydrazine, etoxazole and imported inert ingredients, which has contact toxicity, stomach toxicity and strong penetration effects.

2.Good killing effect on pests throughout the growth period.

3.Excellent effect on red spiders, tetranychus urticae, tetranychus, and tarsonemidae.

4.Good quick-acting, long lasting period, not limited by temperature, special effect on mites with antibodies.

5.It is very safe for bees and predatory mites. It can be used normally during the flowering and young fruit period of the crop.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crops Pests Dosage Method
citrus,   mango red spider 1:8000-1:12000 spray
apple   tree, hawthorn red spider 1:8000-1:12000 spray
peach,   pear, jujube, wolfberry red   spider, tetranychus urticae 1:5000-1:8000 spray
Solanum   (eggplant, pepper) red spider 1:3000-1:4000 spray
Melons   (cucumber, bitter melon, melon) red spider 1:3000-1:4000 drenching   root
Bean,   strawberry mites, red   spider 1:3000-1:4000 spray
flowers red spider 1:3000-1:4000 spray

锈壁虱Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashmead

Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashmead

红蜘蛛 Red spider

red spider

二斑叶螨 the two-spotted spider mite