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Acetamiprid 70% WDG

Feantures and benefits
  1. This product belongs to nicotinic insecticides, which has the effects of contact killing and stomach toxicity, and acts on the acetylcholine receptor of insects. It has good control effect on piercing-sucking pests and long effective period.

  2. It has high activity and low dosage. It has significant control effect on aphids, whiteflies, thrips and flea beetles of various crops.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage(g/ha) Method
Wheat Aphid 45-60g Spray
Corn Thrips,   Gray plant hopper, Aphid 45-60g Spray
Cotton Aphid 45-60g Spray
Apple, Peach Aphid 4000-5000   times liquid Spray
Cruciferous vegetables Aphid 3000   times liquid Spray
Strawberry Aphid 2500-3000   times liquid Spray

蚜虫 Aphid