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Abamectin 0.7%+Cyromazine 30.3% SC

Feantures and benefits

Introducing the powerful and effective Abamectin 0.7% + Cyromazine 30.3% SC, a cutting-edge solution for controlling a wide range of pests in agricultural and horticultural crops. This innovative formulation combines the potency of Abamectin and Cyromazine to provide unparalleled protection against harmful insects and pests, ensuring healthier and more bountiful harvests.

Abamectin, a key ingredient in this formulation, is a highly potent insecticide and acaricide that acts on the nervous system of pests, effectively disrupting their feeding and reproductive processes. With a concentration of 0.7%, Abamectin in this product delivers superior control over a variety of insects such as mites, leafminers, and other damaging pests that threaten the health and yield of crops.

Cyromazine, another essential component of this formulation, contributes to the efficacy of the product by targeting the larvae of insects and disrupting their growth and development. At a concentration of 30.3%, Cyromazine enhances the overall insecticidal activity of the product, providing long-lasting protection against pests like flies, maggots, and other harmful insects that can devastate crops.

Abamectin 0.7% + Cyromazine 30.3% SC is designed for easy and convenient application, ensuring thorough coverage and effective pest control. The suspension concentrate formulation allows for uniform distribution on plant surfaces, maximizing the contact with pests and enhancing the overall efficacy of the product. Whether applied through foliar spray or other methods, this product offers excellent systemic action, penetrating plant tissues to target pests hidden within the crop canopy.

This versatile product is suitable for use on a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and more. From tomatoes and cucumbers to citrus fruits and flowers, Abamectin 0.7% + Cyromazine 30.3% SC provides comprehensive protection against a spectrum of pests, safeguarding the health and productivity of your crops throughout the growing season.

Key benefits of Abamectin 0.7% + Cyromazine 30.3% SC include:

1. Dual-action formula for enhanced pest control

2. Broad-spectrum efficacy against a variety of insects and pests

3. Easy-to-use formulation for convenient application

4. Long-lasting protection for sustained crop health

5. Compatible with integrated pest management strategies

6. Minimal impact on beneficial insects and the environment

Incorporate Abamectin 0.7% + Cyromazine 30.3% SC into your pest management program and experience the difference in crop quality and yield. Say goodbye to pesky pests and hello to healthier, more resilient plants with this advanced solution. Trust in the power of Abamectin and Cyromazine to protect your crops and elevate your agricultural practices to new heights.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses
Crops Pests Dosage Method
Citrus,   orange, grapefruit Contarinia   citri Barnes 1:2500-1:4000 Underground   and tree spray
Cherries,   grapes, figs Fruit   flies 1:2500-1:4000 spray
Leafy   vegetables Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Cucumber,   melon, watermelon Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Tomato,   pepper Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Beans Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Tea   tree mushroom Mushroom   Flies 1:2500-1:4000 spray
Leek,   shallot, garlic Larva of   anthomyiidae 1:2000 Watering root, flushing, soaking seeds


Leaf miner

果实蝇Fruit flies

Fruit   flies

花蕾蛆Contarinia citri Barnes

Contarinia   citri Barnes