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Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC

It has both protective and therapeutic effects.

Long effective period.
Features and benefits

Introducing our premium agricultural chemical solution, the "Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC." This powerful formulation combines the active ingredients Procymidone and Iprodione to provide comprehensive protection against fungal diseases in crops. With a concentration of 25% Procymidone and 15% Iprodione, this systemic fungicide offers superior control over a wide range of fungal pathogens, ensuring the health and vitality of your crops.

Procymidone is a proven fungicide that effectively targets and eliminates fungal infections in plants. It acts by disrupting the growth and reproduction of fungal pathogens, preventing them from spreading and causing damage to the crop. Iprodione, on the other hand, works as a protective shield, forming a barrier against fungal spores and preventing their entry into the plant tissue. Together, these two active ingredients provide a dual-action approach to fungal control, ensuring thorough protection throughout the growing season.

As a plant protection product, Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC is ideal for use in a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, and ornamental plants. Whether you are a commercial farmer or a home gardener, this agricultural chemical is a valuable tool in safeguarding your crops against common fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, gray mold, and leaf spot.

One of the key benefits of this formulation is its systemic action, which means that once applied, it is absorbed by the plant and distributed throughout the entire system. This ensures that every part of the plant is protected, including leaves, stems, and fruits, providing long-lasting control against fungal infections. Additionally, Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC is a triazole fungicide, making it highly effective against a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens, including those resistant to other types of fungicides.

In addition to its efficacy in fungal control, this agricultural chemical is easy to use and compatible with standard application equipment. Whether you prefer to spray, drench, or irrigate, Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC can be easily integrated into your existing crop protection program. Its concentrated formulation also ensures cost-effectiveness, as only a small amount is required to achieve optimal results.

In conclusion, Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC is a versatile and reliable solution for fungal control in crops. With its dual-action formula, systemic protection, and broad-spectrum efficacy, this agricultural chemical is a valuable asset for farmers and growers looking to maximize their crop yields and quality. Trust in Procymidone 25%+Iprodione 15% SC for comprehensive crop protection and peace of mind throughout the growing season.

Spectrum of action and suggested uses
Crop Target Dosage Method
Tomato Gray mold 600-1200  ml/ha Spray

灰霉病Gray mold

Gray mold