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Fosthiazate 20% EW

Contact and systemic conductive nematicide.
Kill insects quickly.

Stable efficacy and long duration.
Feantures and benefits

Introducing our exquisite and innovative Fosthiazate 20% EW, a cutting-edge solution in the world of agrochemicals. Crafted with precision and expertise, this premium product is designed to elevate crop protection and pest management to new heights. Fosthiazate, a powerful active ingredient, serves as the cornerstone of this formulation, ensuring unparalleled efficacy and reliability in safeguarding your crops.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Formulation: Fosthiazate 20% EW is formulated using state-of-the-art techniques, resulting in a highly concentrated and effective solution. This emulsifiable concentrate ensures optimal dispersion and coverage, maximizing the product's performance on the field.

2. Targeted Action: With Fosthiazate as the primary component, this product offers targeted action against a wide range of soil-dwelling pests, including nematodes, mites, and other harmful organisms. Its systemic mode of action penetrates the plant roots, providing long-lasting protection from below the ground up.

3. Broad Spectrum Protection: Fosthiazate 20% EW exhibits excellent efficacy against various nematode species, making it a versatile solution for diverse crop protection needs. Whether you are cultivating fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants, this product offers comprehensive protection against nematode infestations.

4. Residue Management: Our product is designed with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Fosthiazate 20% EW degrades rapidly in the soil, minimizing residue accumulation and ensuring the safety of your crops and the surrounding ecosystem.

5. Easy Application: Fosthiazate 20% EW is easy to handle and apply, simplifying the pest management process for farmers and agricultural professionals. Its user-friendly formulation allows for convenient mixing and application, saving time and effort during crop protection activities.

6. Enhanced Crop Health: By effectively controlling nematode populations, Fosthiazate 20% EW promotes overall crop health and vigor. With reduced pest pressure, plants can thrive and reach their full potential, leading to improved yields and quality produce.

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In conclusion, Fosthiazate 20% EW stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of agrochemicals. With its advanced formulation, targeted efficacy, and broad-spectrum protection, this product is a valuable asset for farmers seeking reliable and sustainable solutions for crop protection. Trust Fosthiazate 20% EW to safeguard your crops and elevate your agricultural practices to new heights of success.

Spectrum of action and suggested uses

Crops Target Dosage Method
Cucumber Root-knot   nematode 7500-15000   ml/ha Root   irrigation


Root-knot nematode