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Difenoconazole 40% SC

Feantures and benefits

Introducing our premium-quality agricultural chemical, Difenoconazole 40% SC, a powerful fungicide designed to protect your crops and plants from various fungal diseases. With its broad-spectrum effectiveness and systemic action, this product is a must-have for any farmer or gardener looking to ensure the health and vitality of their crops.

Difenoconazole is a triazole fungicide known for its exceptional plant protection properties. It acts as a potent fungal control agent, targeting and eliminating a wide range of fungal pathogens that can threaten the yield and quality of your crops. Whether you are growing fruits, vegetables, grains, or ornamental plants, Difenoconazole 40% SC provides reliable protection against common fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, leaf spot, and blight.

One of the key advantages of Difenoconazole is its systemic nature, which means that once applied, it is absorbed by the plant and distributed throughout its tissues. This ensures thorough protection from the inside out, making it highly effective in preventing the spread of diseases and providing long-lasting control. Additionally, Difenoconazole exhibits translaminar activity, allowing it to move from the treated surface to the underside of leaves, providing comprehensive coverage.

As a trusted agricultural chemical, Difenoconazole 40% SC is easy to use and compatible with various application methods, including foliar sprays, drenches, and seed treatments. Its high water solubility and suspension concentrate formulation make it convenient to mix and apply, ensuring even distribution and optimal coverage on your crops. Whether you are a professional farmer, horticulturist, or home gardener, Difenoconazole offers a convenient and effective solution for managing fungal diseases.

With its proven efficacy and versatility, Difenoconazole is an essential tool for crop protection and disease management in agriculture. By incorporating this broad-spectrum fungicide into your integrated pest management program, you can safeguard your crops against fungal threats and maximize their yield potential. Trust Difenoconazole 40% SC to deliver reliable and consistent results, ensuring healthy and thriving plants throughout the growing season.

In conclusion, Difenoconazole 40% SC is a valuable asset for any grower seeking to enhance the health and productivity of their crops. With its fungicidal properties, broad-spectrum effectiveness, and systemic action, this agricultural chemical provides comprehensive plant protection against fungal diseases. Invest in Difenoconazole for superior crop protection and peace of mind knowing that your plants are shielded from harmful pathogens. Order now and experience the difference that Difenoconazole can make in your agricultural endeavors.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses

Crop Target Dosage usage
Orange scab   disease,Anthracnose 1:3500-1:5000 spray
Banana Leaf spot,Venturia   inaequalis 1:3200-1:4000 spray
Apple Alternaria mali,brown   spot 1:2000-1:3000 spray
Pear Venturia inaequalis 1:6000-1:7000 spray
Grape Anthracnose,Anthracnose   ,white rot 1:2500-1:4000 spray
strawberry Leaf spot,Powdery   mildew 300-450 g/ha spray
Ginseng/Panax notoginseng Black spot 1:3000-1:3500 spray
Celery leaf spot disease 1:4000-1:5000 spray
Melon(cucumber,Watermelon) Anthracnose ,gummy   stem blight 75-120 g/ha spray
Tomato,Chili Blight, anthracnose 1:1500-1:2000 spray

花蕾蛆Contarinia citri Barnes


叶斑病leaf spot

Leaf Spot Disease

疮痂病Scab disease

Scab   Disease