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Abamectin 0.7%+Cyromazine 30.3% SC

Feantures and benefits

1.Abamectin has a good quick-acting. Cyromazine has a strong inhibitory effect on the metamorphosis of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. It has a long lasting period of up to 30 days. The classic combination of the two has outstanding efficacy.

2.The use of pharmaceutical grade technical materials and imported inert ingredients makes the drug more stable and powerful. It can also be combined with other agents to kill resistant fly maggots.

3.Using the fine grinding process, the powder is finer, the suspension rate is higher, and it is resistant to rain washing. This product has both contact toxicity, stomach toxicity and strong systemic conductivity. It can be quickly absorbed by crop roots and leaves, and can sneak into the insect tract to track and kill insects.

4.Low toxicity, few residues, high safety to humans and animals, it is the first choice for the production of green fruit trees.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses
Crops Pests Dosage Method
Citrus,   orange, grapefruit Contarinia   citri Barnes 1:2500-1:4000 Underground   and tree spray
Cherries,   grapes, figs Fruit   flies 1:2500-1:4000 spray
Leafy   vegetables Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Cucumber,   melon, watermelon Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Tomato,   pepper Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Beans Leaf miner 1:1000-1:1500 spray
Tea   tree mushroom Mushroom   Flies 1:2500-1:4000 spray
Leek,   shallot, garlic Larva of   anthomyiidae 1:2000 Watering root, flushing, soaking seeds


Leaf miner

果实蝇Fruit flies

Fruit   flies

花蕾蛆Contarinia citri Barnes

Contarinia   citri Barnes